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How Can You Be a Good Leader


Many individuals believe that some are born to lead. Therefore they think that they possess these qualities from birth itself. But that is not true. It is possible for any individual to become a good leader. That is because all these qualities are things that one can learn. Therefore if you do your research you too can be a great leader.

Encourage Creativity

As a leader, you may think that you are more knowledgeable than those below you. That is why you think that it is your opinion that matters and not others. However, that is not true. One needs to understand that each individual has the right to express their ideas. This is a rule that all good leaders such as teo yen koon desmond follow. Therefore instead of pushing your ideas all the time give others an opportunity as well. Furthermore, it is also possible for a leader to create tasks that would promote creativity.

Be Passionate

There are some individuals who are only focused on finishing specific tasks. Therefore at all time, their eyes would be on the end goal. More often than not these individuals are not passionate about the work there are doing. They simply consider it to be a job. But as a leader, you need to understand that people look up to you. They don’t only consider you to be a role model. But they also look to you for guidance. However, one would not be encouraged to look for guidance if you are not passionate about your work. You may think that others would not be able to observe whether you are passionate or not. However, that is not entirely true.

Offer Recognition

Being a leader does not mean that you would always come up with brilliant solutions to the problem. Furthermore, neither does it means that you would always come up with brilliant ideas. Therefore you need to understand that your followers don’t expect you to be amazing at all times. Sometimes it would be your followers who come up with these brilliant ideas. Then at those time, it is crucial to give them the recognition they deserve. This is a sign of a great leader. That is because it shows they are not scared of giving the spotlight to someone else. Instead, they encourage people to reach great heights.

It is not possible for any individual to become a great leader overnight. Instead, they need to understand that this is a learning process. Even the great leaders would claim that they learn something new every day. Therefore that is why you should take the aforementioned tips to heart.



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